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Preventive action when taking antibiotics


Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that compose your microflora. They are hundreds of billions of bacteria that act for the good of both your immune system and digestive system. The microflora must be balanced to work at its best and protect you from infections. A balanced flora is a flora containing at least 85% probiotic bacteria. Many things can throw your flora’s balance off, such as diet, environmental factors and antibiotics.

Antibiotics are taken to treat infections. Antibiotics, like probiotics work in the intestines, they destroy pathogens so as to restore you to health. Unfortunately antibiotics wreak havoc with your natural flora and tend to destroy some of the good bacteria in your intestines as well as the bad. Antibiotics can leave your intestines healthy but very unbalanced and vulnerable, as their probiotic count is low. Also, antibiotics bring on all kinds of disagreeable side effects such as diarrhea, headaches, acne or fungal infections. Diarrhea is the most commune and usually the most embarrassing symptom of an antibiotic treatment, it occurs in 5 to 30% of adults who go through an antibiotic treatment and 11 to 40% of children. The reason for this is simple: by unbalancing your flora and killing probiotics, antibiotics make is harder for your digestive process to work smoothly and absorb the nutrients in your food. This is where dietary probiotic supplements come in.


NOVA Probiotics following an antibiotic treatment


Probiotic supplements should be used before, during and after an antibiotic treatment. Before to help prevent infections from happening by increasing the amount of probiotics in your body and thus strengthening your immune system. Probiotics during an antibiotic treatment will work symbiotically with your natural defenses and the antibiotics to destroy and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, reduce the symptoms of your infection, and eliminate antibiotic side effects. Finally probiotics used after an infection will restore your flora’s equilibrium, and restore your body back to its natural healthy state.

NOVA probiotics have many formulas to accommodate your health needs. NOVA probiotics capsules have and enteric coating that allows the probiotics to be delivered alive directly to your intestines. NOVA probiotics contain strains of some of the most important bacteria for your body and the highest count of probiotics per capsule on the market. The NOVA original formula contains 4 billion probiotics per capsule, and the ultra-force formula, our strongest, contains 73 billion probiotics per capsule. Ask the advice of your therapeutic practitioner or contact us today to find out which NOVA product is right for you.