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Choosing the strains for their eminent high quality:


Clinical research behind our conscientious selection of probiotic strains:

NOVA Probiotics carefully selected its’ 14 probiotic strains for the Multi Strain line of products, and its’ 4 dairy free probiotic strains for the Vegan line of products. Each strain has been the subject of clinical studies and has proper identified health benefits on humans.

Probiotic strains that work synergistically:

In order to reveal the best of what probiotic supplements can do for human health, NOVA has chosen probiotic strains that cover the entire intestinal tract. This means, each one of our strains is meant to work in a targeted part of it, whether the small intestine, the large intestine or the colon. Plus, all NOVA probiotics’ products contain a commodious dose of prebiotic, which sustains the growth of these good bacteria and the formation of their new communities.


Delivering billion of probiotic bacteria, in your gut:


Preserving both quality and quantity with enteric capsules:

Not only did we pick high quality -medical researched- probiotic strains, but we’ve also worked it up in a way for the bacteria to survive through the harsh part of digestion in the stomach. Our strains have been selected for their remarkable strength resistance when plunged into a mix of stomach acids and bile salts. But, to guarantee no loss through the process, we’ve chosen enteric-coated capsules. Consequently, the amounts of bacteria in our supplements are properly delivered, once in the upper intestine, just where we want them to start working.

The «all-in-one» probiotic supplement:

A supplement with both probiotic bacteria and prebiotic is commonly named synbiotic. The team of experts behind NOVA Probiotics decided to use the synergistic combination of our selected strains and inulin (a prebiotic) to offer very convenient and powerful products for intestinal health. Now, as the gut is strongly linked to overall health, our very own products are truly meant to be the «all-in-one health booster» you are looking for.

The best of a devoted team:

Behind NOVA Probiotics, stands a team of health experts deeply dedicated to bringing on the scene the best of what probiotic bacteria can do for both human and animal health. Our passion for health care and our conviction that probiotics are the future of medicine have brought us to the manufacture of what we think are the best products on the market to enjoy probiotics’ benefits.