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Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome With Probiotics
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The intestinal lining is responsible for this common gastrointestinal disorder. Leaky Gut happens when the intestinal lining is more porous than normal, when large spaces appear in the gut wall allowing substances to leak out of the gut and into the blood stream. In such cases, substances like bacteria, fungi, parasites and partially digested molecules might dissipate through the blood stream thus occasioning the immune system to detect the micro-organisms and to send antibodies against them so as to destroy them. The presence of these antibodies might then induces symptoms of food allergies, inflammation, cramping after meals, diarrhea and constipation, and can results in conditions such as Colitis, Crohn’s disease, or asthma.


Probiotics for Leaky Gut:

Taking a probiotic supplement is essential for maintaining a healthy gut flora. Probiotics are lining and solidifying the intestinal walls, keeping your intestinal content in and saving your body the trouble of producing useless antibodies. NOVA Probiotics help regain a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, strengthen your intestinal lining and keep your bloodstream free of intestinal waste.