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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Why travel if you’re not going to eat all the food? The world is sometimes literally your oyster, and one that your stomach isn’t familiar with how to digest.

Other times, it can be a matter of someone using the local tap water to rinse your veggies.

Whoever is to blame for the sudden evacuation of your insides, you want it to stop like yesterday. I’m sorry. Did I say ‘want?’ I meant ‘need.’ Many of the major stomach bugs making their way from gut to gut these days can do more than make you miserable for a couple days, they can put some sufferers in the hospital – a place that’s notorious for playing host to even more diseases you can contract.


Probiotics can help.

When you’re ill, the bacterial fauna in your gut (the kind that digests your food for you and keeps you alive!)

Once your colony of bacteria is compromised, your stomach problems are only going to get worse until that population makes a comeback. That’s because without the bacteria, you just can’t digest all of your food on your own.

Probiotics helps give that digestive prowess back to your gut so that you can get better.


Not all probiotics will keep you as healthy as others.

Excuse me for the cliche, but not all probiotics are created equal. Bacterial strains (the good guys) all operate in a different way. They also have different places around your gut they like to hang out – and where your gut needs them to be.

If you get a probiotic that only features the Bifidobacterium strain, you lining of your colon will be in fairly good shape, because that’s where those bacterium like to make their home, but your small intestine (all 20 feet of it) and various other wrinkles around your gut are left completely unprotected.

The result is a lot of undigested food, malnutrition, and…… Well. Unpleasantries we won’t bother you with.


But probiotics are a pain because they need refrigeration…. Right?

Not always!

New probiotic products no longer require refrigeration. Pop them into your bags and get a move on exploring the world. They’ll be ready for you whenever you need them. Or, just sit around staying good and edible for as long as you don’t need them, too.

If you’re getting ready for your next big adventure and aren’t sure which probiotic will keep you in the game so that you can worry about enjoying yourself, pop your details into the short consultation form here and we’ll get our experts on it, busy doing the research to find out what works for you.