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Terms and conditions


Ownership retention.

Nova Essentials Inc. (NOVA Probiotics) retains ownership of the sold merchandise until full and final payment of the sale price. The buyer cannot assign or transfer, in terms of liens, the property of the delivered merchandise prior to complete payment. In case of judicial seizure or any other third party intervention, the buyer must immediately notify NOVA Essentials Inc..

Any loss is assumed by the buyer once the merchandise has been shipped.

Any claims, omissions and /or errors, must be indicated in writing to NOVA Essentials Inc. within 15 days following the date of receipt of merchandise.


In case of default to pay the price as stipulated, NOVA Essentials Inc. may demand payment of any sums due and/or retake possession of the sold merchandise without notice or legal proceedings, the buyer having agreed in advance to these terms without any indemnity, nor refund on sums paid on the sale price.

Terms, returns and interests.

The term is net 30 days. Any past due account will bear interest at a rate of 24% annually (2% per month) calculated monthly.

Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your NOVA’s purchase. Please inspect your order immediately upon receipt, and contact NOVA’s customer service group if:

  • There is noticeable damage to the product.
  • The product(s) shipped to you have been sent in error.

If the package appears damaged when it arrives, we recommend that you inspect the package before you sign for it. If there is obvious damage from shipping we recommend you refuse the shipment.

Returns or exchanges of general merchandise are not accepted.

We will replace and exchange any incorrect or defective stock. If you receive any incorrect or defective good in your order, please contact your NOVA Probiotics® representative, or NOVA Essentials at 1-877-449-6682.

NOVA Essentials will accept returns from any product returned by a customer, provided that: the product is not expired, at least 50% of the product is unused, the customer has provided a brief description for the reason of return.

In these circumstances, you can contact NOVA Essentials to obtain a replacement product that will be sent with your next order.

Only exchanges are allowed for the product(s) returned.

If required, NOVA Essentials will send the returned product to the NOVA Probiotics® manufacturing laboratory where the customer’s experience will be recorded and the product will be tested against the sample retained in each lot at the time of manufacture as prescribed by our standard procedure.

The above requirements must be met before NOVA Essentials can authorize the exchange of a product. You may request a prepaid return label upon authorization. All returns require an Authorization of Return Number (RA).

Please note that NOVA Essentials Inc. will not accept return of expired products.

Collection charges.

In the event, where the buyer fails to honor the contractual obligations contained herein, and that the NOVA Essentials Inc. has to seek the services of an attorney to protect his rights or obtain remedy, the buyer undertakes to pay NOVA Essentials Inc., an additional amount equivalent to 25% of any amount due in terms of damages and liquidated interests unless otherwise prohibited by law or regulation. The current section applies as well to cases where the account has been sent to a collection agency.