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 What is gut microbiota?


The intestinal microbiota, or intestinal flora, is the bacteria that live in your digestive tract. Its composition varies according to your lifestyle, age, and location. The microbiota is a huge part of our immune system, for it is composed of 100,000 billion bacteria, and weighs about 2 kg. Not bad for microscopic organisms, don’t you think?

The microbiota plays an important role in our health, so it’s important that it stays balanced. A healthy microbiota is composed of beneficial bacteria at 85 %. The intestinal flora is important for both your digestive system and your immune system; which in turn, can affect your health and influence certain diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

Your microbiota begins to develop at birth; your gut is sterile during your development in utero, but at birth, bacteria begins to colonize the intestines and work symbiotically with your body. Its development evolves rapidly; within a year, a child will have a microbiota resembling that of an adult. Some factors that may influence the composition and implementation of the microbiota are: the type of nourishment after birth, antibiotics administered at delivery, and the method of delivery (caesarean or natural).

This microbiota is necessary for your survival and your good health; it sorts out the bad bacteria from the good bacteria, and protects the walls of your intestines from pathogenic invasions. So the microbiota protects the rest of your body from the pathogens you’ve ingested. But the microbiota also plays an important role in digestion. The microbiota helps break down and digest certain foods, and produces certain vitamins (such as vitamins B and K).


Probiotics supplements for a healthy and balanced microbiota


It is therefore very important that your microbiota is balanced and healthy, regardless of your age. A healthy microbiota contains a majority of healthy bacteria, “probiotics”. A very simple way to ensure the balance of our microbiota is to add probiotics in the form of dietary supplements to your diet.

For pregnant women, these probiotics can be used to promote the establishment of a high quality flora in your infant. These probiotics ensure your health during your pregnancy, and help your child build a strong and effective flora.

NOVA probiotics have a customized formula for everyone. The NOVA kids formula will help your child develop a healthy flora and avoid infections. The original formula is made for those who are healthy and simply want to better prevent infections and improve their digestive process. The NOVA products are high quality supplements that contain between 4 and 73 billion live probiotics per capsules, and 14 different strains of bacteria for optimum protection.

Seek advice from your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to find out which NOVA product is best for you.