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Are You Pregnant With Probiotics?


New research applauds pregnant women who use probiotics for the simple fact that optimal health begins during the child’s womb vacation. Sorry kid, but you were only renting that cottage for nine months. Next! It has benefits either way. Why would you not regulate your gut flora, when you know it’s responsible for a strong immune system and intestinal health? Allergies and asthma are caused by hypersensitive immune responses. Who wants a haywire immune system? Some things in life are free. Mom-Happy bacteria lower the risk of allergies and other problems in the child’s development thanks to “friendly” bacteria (probiotics). Placenta and breast milk are the Milky Way through which your future astronaut will be a star, and some researchers believe the placenta and milk will impact on the child’s gastrointestinal health. Medicine today praises probiotics because of their positive effects.


Probiotics aren’t kidding


More than 400 species of bacteria, and over 100 trillion microorganisms live in our gut. The bad news is, they’re not all friends. The good new is, they’re not all friends. You want a peaceful gut. And probiotics are the Peace Treaty. Antibiotics have found their way in processed foods, consumed meat, and even tap water can have traces. Over-prescription has had its effect over the years. And antibiotics are real gut flora nukes. They blow the bacteria to smithereens. So what’s next? Add mineral depleted legumes and fruits, pollution, GMOs, and you have a gut made to fester allergies and diseases. Studies demonstrate that probiotic supplements heal and seal the lining of the bowels, making it nearly impossible for pathogens to cut into the blood stream. They’re the ones responsible for many diseases. Woe to thee pathogens! Sure. Sometimes good news comes in the form of a pill… or a website.


NOVA Probiotics: This Christmas, Give Your Kid Some Bacteria


Worldwide research shows the benefits linked to probiotics in food allergy management. The general answer is promising, but a unified consensus on their efficacy has yet to be attained. “Based on our findings (a study on the connection between children’s allergies and probiotics), states Dr. Erik Forno of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, probiotics (in capsule form) have a protective effect against allergies.” They noticed that kids who had been given probiotics had a 12 percent lower allergy risk than others. So Mom plays an irreplaceable role in her child’s health. And balancing the gut flora responsible for a good immune system is an essential step in his development.


With the highest concentration of live cells on the market (73 billion per capsule), NOVA probiotics wants your kid to have the gut he needs to have the guts he needs. Seek advice from your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to know which product is right for you.