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Our Approach, Mission and Philosophy
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Our Approach

Since its inception (as a physician’s only line) in 2001, NOVA Probiotics has placed a priority on formulating superior nutritional supplement products that withstand the critical eye of fellow researchers in nutritional science.

NOVA expertise is the result of more than 10 years of research into probiotics and their beneficial effect on intestinal flora.

NOVA produces a wide range of industry leading probiotics.

Our scientific expertise, superior ingredients, and ability to stay at the forefront of market trends and consumer demands have given us a distinct competitive advantage over other probiotic makers.

NOVA combines all the qualities of an efficient probiotic complex: the meticulous selection of strains, the choice of a multi-strain product with synergetic effect.

Stability studies and objective effectiveness tests as to guarantee an optimum product.

NOVA Probiotics products are available through medical doctors, registered naturopathic doctors, medical clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries, health food stores, specialty stores and select online  retailers.


Our Mission

Our staff of highly trained professionals are committed and passionate about the development of innovative products for the whole family, that reflect sound clinical research behind them.


Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to creating high quality products.  Nova sources raw materials internationally, enabling us to exert greater control in delivering consistent high quality products while ensuring competitive prices for our customers.