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What is the immune system?

The immune system is your body’s natural defense against infections; its role is to keep your body healthy and stop pathogenic invasions. About 70% of your immune system lines the intestines of your digestive system, as that is where most pathogenic microorganisms first contact your body. Your immune system is made of many different kinds of bacteria, such as Lactobacillus casei, called the intestinal microflora.

When a pathogen first tries it infect you, your immune system will take a defensive stand: it puts into play a physical barrier to protect itself from the potential plague, this answer is called innate immunity. If this defense is not affective, a second line of defense will come in play, 96 hours later. This second line of defense is stronger than the first, as your immune system has now recognized the type of pathogen trying to invade; and it has formed a memory of its characteristics. Your immune system will therefore act more quickly and will target the weaknesses of this pathogen.

How can probiotics help strengthen your immune system?

Probiotics are another term for the beneficial bacteria found in your gut that fights infections. For probiotics, the expression “the more the merrier” definitely applies. The more probiotics are in your intestines, the more efficient your immune system will be. Probiotics come in the form of many different strains of bacteria, so as to better target and fight pathogens.

During periods of cold, fatigue or high stress, your probiotics count can sometimes be down, making your body more vulnerable to potential invasions. The solution to this problem however is simple: add probiotics to your diet. And no, we do not mean eat a yogurt! Probiotic dietary supplements have billions of probiotics in a single capsule (instead of the millions found in yogurt) and up to 14 different strains of bacteria (instead of the one or two found in yogurts). Probiotics will line your intestines and work hand in hand with your already existing defenses to strengthen your immune system, efficiently combat illness, and improve your general health and wellbeing.

Why choose NOVA probiotics?

NOVA probiotics have a variety of different products to improve your health. Our probiotic capsules contain between 4 and 73 billion probiotics, the highest amount on the market. NOVA products also have 14 different strains of bacteria, and a vegan nondairy line! NOVA probiotics are a short-term solution to a cold, and a long-term investment on your health.

Ask the advice of your therapeutic practitioner, or contact us to know which NOVA product is right for you.