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Why choose probiotic supplements ?


There are a lot of products out there that claim high probiotic counts; you may even feel you don’t need probiotic supplements when you eat things like yogurt, kimchee, or tempeh. What many do not know is that although these foods are good for your health and may be delicious, they are definitely not a good source of probiotics.

Several yogurt brands claim their products are enriched with probiotic supplements. Of course, these yogurts contain, at most, a couple million of probiotics. Millions are a lot when it comes to money, but not so much when you’re talking about bacteria. To give you an idea, your intestines contain hundreds of billions of probiotics! To get nearly enough probiotics out of yogurt, you would need to eat hundreds of them! Moreover, most probiotics that these “enriched” yogurts contain, will be destroyed by your bile and natural fluids. NOVA probiotic supplements offer at least 4 billion probiotics per capsule, and this can go up to 73 billion! NOVA probiotics are bile resistant, and will line the walls of your intestines, and come in aid to your natural flora.

NOVA probiotics also have 14 different strains of bacteria per capsule, which makes them more effective against a variety of infections, but also in digesting different kinds of food. NOVA capsules contain some of the most important bacteria for your body, whereas yogurts contain one or two strains, at most, of weaker probiotics.

NOVA is also the first company to offer vegan products. NOVA vegan products are dairy free and can be taken by those who are lactose intolerant!

NOVA products can be taken on the go, at any time, as they don’t need refrigeration (but keeping them cool is never a bad thing). NOVA probiotics can easily travel with you and accompany you on your adventures.

In conclusion, NOVA probiotics were designed for your specific needs and tested in independent labs to guarantee their quality. NOVA has many different formulas depending on your health needs, and can guarantee the amount of probiotics found in each capsule. Other sources of probiotics cannot provide a specific probiotic count, and many of these products are not tested for their probiotic counts or monitored for their quality.

Ask the advice of your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to know which NOVA product is right for you.