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What is diabetes?


Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases, usually called diabetes mellitus by doctors. The cause comes from an insufficient production of the pancreatic hormone insulin, which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood, or it comes from a weak or absent cellular response to it, or both. There are three types of diabetes. The most common is type 2 being. The cells are insulin resistant, or the pancreas is not producing enough insulin. By choosing to eat well, lose weight, exercise, and regulate their glucose levels, people with type 2 can better their health. But new help is around the corner!


Probiotics: Curing diabetes?


Let’s say the brain is our body’s driver. That would make gut flora its motor. And balancing “good” and “bad” bacteria in the intestinal tract is essential for colon, bodily health, and brain activity. The brain-gut highway is no longer a theory. We must keep in mind that probiotics are live “harmless” bacteria, and utilizing them to strengthen our gut’s “motor” performance might push back the onset of type 1 diabetes, if not hinder it completely, and help cellular reaction to insulin so that type 2 may be delayed, or even prevented. Small capsules can contain “miracles” But if you’re a diabetic thinking about using probiotics, avoid supplements with a “super antidote” label pasted on them.


NOVA probiotics: Follow the leader


A report published in Feb. 2010 by “PLoS One,” states that the intestinal tract in people with type 2 diabetes may differ from others without the disease. The authors of the study believe that a link exists between metabolic diseases and the structure of bacterial groups in the intestines. It may be possible that the equilibrium of some bacteria is greatly reliant on blood and sugar levels. With this new lead in mind, consult your doctor about the potential risks and benefits related to the use of probiotics as a treatment strategy.


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