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Why use probiotics for your cat?


Medical studies show that most of your cat’s immune system develops and functions in the intestines. It is therefore important to keep your feline’s intestinal flora strong, as this will affect the rest of his health. A simple way of keeping your pet’s flora strong is through the use of probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help strengthen your pet’s immune system. Probiotics are not just a short-term treatment, they are a long-term supplement that will protect your cat from infections and conditions such a flatulence, diarrhea, or toxin buildups. Adding probiotics to your cat’s diet will significantly reduce the stench of your pet’s cat litter, will protect him from harmful bacteria and will increase your pet’s lifespan.

Your feline’s flora can be affected by many different factors, like diet, stress or medical treatments. This is an especially big issue for domesticated animals, who usually find their healthful bacteria in the wild, and are often fed food that does not meet all their nutritional needs. An unhealthy flora is nearly impossible to detect, yet it weakens your animal’s entire health. This is why adding probiotics to your animal’s diet in the form of supplements is especially important.


NOVAnimal probiotics for a healthier cat


Probiotic supplements for humans are not appropriate for animals. This is the reason why all of NOVAnimal products were developed by microbiologists and veterinarians with the specific needs of your animal in mind. NOVAnimal probiotics come in powder form which has a natural plum flavor, making them delicious as well as healthy for your cat. Our veterinary line contains three different products tailored to fit your pet’s needs, as they contain between 3 and 7 billion probiotics per scoop.

Many studies show that probiotics strengthen your cat’s immune system and keep its bacteria levels balanced and stable. The Effect of Probiotics on Animal Health paper supports this information stating that “Unfortunately the ability of natural flora to fight intestinal infections is not always effective. Supplementation of intestinal microflora with probiotic bacteria was proven to support and help treating infections”. Studies show that probiotics have a long-term effect on your cat’s health, and will improve his lifestyle.

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