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Probiotics For Children


There are so many benefits to giving your kid(s) probiotics. First, it’s important to know that probiotics are essentially good bacteria; they help “gut out” the “bad guys” in your intestines, which can only result in a better, healthier gut flora. Also, with digestive health being central to overall health, children are less likely to get sick, as their immune system is stronger and more resilient. NOVA has created this complex probiotic supplement specifically for children; it comes in a powdered form, making it extremely easy for them to take.


Health starts with friendly bacteria in the gut.


What are probiotics again?

Probiotics are microorganisms – often named “good bacteria” – after their recognized capacity to confer a health benefit to their host. It is estimated that over 100 trillion intestinal bacteria, from up to 1000 different species, live and fight in your gut. Probiotics are part of what is called the gut flora or microbiota, which includes all kinds of intestinal bacteria – good and bad.

Probiotics are “beneficial bacteria” mostly because they take part in certain digestive tasks; they produce enzymes to break food into nutrients, which eases digestion. They also are very helpful as they fight against pathogenic invaders; they literally are your allies against anything bad.

No surprise, the most and better known benefits of adequate probiotics intakes are:

  • A smoother digestion with regular bowel movements


  • Enhanced natural defenses with faster immune response.

So yes, a healthy gut should lead to better overall health.


The balance you should keep in mind:

One’s gut flora should be about 85 percent of good bacteria to be considered balanced. To reach and maintain this state of balance nowadays, many of us have to rely on supplements, and kids are no exception.


What makes a child even more vulnerable?


Many factors can scale down the prevalence of friendly bacteria in a child’s gut. Here are a few examples:

  • Mother had poor vagina and intestinal flora during pregnancy, and at childbirth.
  • Mother gave birth by C-section.
  • Type of nourishment received after birth. (Breast milk vs. formula)
  • Received antibiotic
  • (Exposure to toxics of fungi)
  • Lifestyle, diet, etc.


With bad outcomes:

As a result of insufficient quantity of good bacteria in their intestinal tract, children are more prone to develop allergies and atopic eczema. They might also suffer from digestive disorders, with recurrent painful digestion, colic or abdominal discomfort, which can also lead to weakness and fatigue. Kids with poor microbiota are also more likely to get sick, since 70% of the immune system is in the gut.


Health benefits of probiotics for children:


  • Populate the entire gut with beneficial bacteria, for overall gastrointestinal health.
  • Help reduce the incidence of tummy troubles like bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation.
  • Help reduce the occurrence and intensity of colic.
  • Promote regular bowel movement.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Reduce the risk of getting a cold or the flu.
  • Reduce the risk of atopic dermatitis


About our Multi-Strain probiotic formulation for kids:


Our unique formulation

Our Multi Strain probiotic for children is the only product on the market with the following patented formula:

• 9 medicinal probiotic strains, carefully selected for their combined force/synergy and their resistance to stomach acids and bile salts.
• Inulin as a prebiotic is the favorite “food” of probiotics.
• Dosed at 2 billion probiotics per scoop/dose, when a maintenance daily dose for a child would be between 2 and 12 billion.

This product is powdered, which is very convenient; you can sprinkle it on cereals or add it to a smoothie. You can even give it as is to your child; the natural plum flavor is so delicious, everyone loves it. And last but not least, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated! You can carry it wherever you go.


For the kids’ sake!

Digestive health is no small matter and must be considered when aspiring to good overall health. This is true for everyone but even more for kids, as they are growing and shaping their future health condition. Choosing NOVA a probiotic supplement for your kid’s health is wise and safe. The benefits are numerous and just a click away from you and your kids. Order the Multi Strain Probiotic for children now.