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What is children’s colic?


Colic is a very commune condition in infants and a great source of stress for parents. Colic is crying fits in young children for episodes of three hours or more, at least three days in a week. During these fits, your child will be perfectly healthy, he will not be hungry, need changing or want to be held, yet he is totally inconsolable. It seems all he really wants is to cry really hard, turn bright red, curl up and clench his little fists. Colic, however, are actually much more disagreeable than they are serious, studies show there is no particular cause for colic, it’s just one of the ways your infant adapts to his new world.

Although there is no cure to colics, there is a way to reduce their severity. Colic can be amplified by gassiness, poor digestion and insufficient amounts of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal system.


How can probiotics relieve colic in children?


Your child’s immune system is made of a variety of strains of healthy bacteria. Most of this bacteria develops, resides and takes action in the intestines. Probiotics are powdered healthy bacteria that will strengthen your immune system. They are composed of different bacteria strains and will assist your own bacteria and help your body run more smoothly. Probiotics work symbiotically with your immune system and digestive tract.

Studies show that colicky children have a smaller amount of beneficial bacteria in their gut, most importantly, Lactobacillus plantarum. An Italian study shows that children fed Lactobacillus plantarum in the form of probiotics 30 minutes after breastfeeding for 28 consecutive days will have milder crying fits. On average, these children will go from 197 minutes of crying to 51 minutes, an amazing improvement!


Why choose NOVA Probiotics for your child?


NOVA probiotics contain Lactobacillus plantarum as well as 8 other strains of healthy bacteria. In one scoop of our plum flavored, powdered Kids formula there are 2 billion probiotics. This formula has been developed specifically for your ever growing child’s needs and will improve their natural immune system and any intestinal condition they have. Seek advice from your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to know which product is right for your child.