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Get to know a little more about your intestines

Interesting fact: your intestines are long, really long, in fact if laid out flat, their total area is that of two tennis courts! Your intestines are also a lot more crowded than you might think, they contain hundreds of billions of bacteria and over 600 different types of bacteria that form the microflora! Don’t worry, these bacteria are all good, they help facilitate the digestion of food, but mostly they protect your body from potential pathogenic intruders. Everyone has a different microflora, and it’s constantly on the lookout for bacteria that doesn’t belong in the digestive tract! Your gut contains 70% of your immune system, so your diet and lifestyle really do affect your health.

Your intestines and probiotics: how the two interact

Your intestines are an extremely important organ, for it plays a key role in the absorption and digestion of nutrients in your food, and in the immune system, keeping your body healthy. Our digestive process is partly fueled by the healthy bacteria in our intestines. These bacteria not only protect the intestines from potential infections, they help the digestive process go smoothly. The intestinal ecosystem is composed of three main parts: the intestinal flora that enables digestion, the intestinal mucosa that covers the walls of the digestive tract, and the gut immune system. All are extremely important in the digestive process. Studies show that when patients complain about mild intestinal transit disorders to their doctors, they are advised to take probiotics to solve the problem. Probiotics not only improve the digestion of certain foods, but also regulate intestinal transit. Bacteria such as Bifidobacterium animalis are an integral part of the digestive process.

Improving digestion with NOVA probiotics.

So how do probiotics help your digestive process? These healthy bacteria sort out the good bacteria from the bad in your intestines, and protect them from pathogens. Probiotics also insure food tolerance and better nutrient absorption. By adding more beneficial bacteria to your already crowded intestines, you make their job easier. Simply put: the more, the merrier. Your natural flora will have less work, and the probiotics will help speed up the digestive process, making it more efficient.

NOVA probiotics have a vegan non-dairy line, and a regular 14 strains line, both designed to protect your health and digestive tract.  The NOVA products contain the highest count of probiotics on the market and 14 different strains of bacteria that are bile resistant. These supplements will line your intestines and improve your digestion, your health and your wellbeing.

Ask the advice of your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to know which NOVA product is right for you.