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Do you have Eczema Or Skin Problems?


The good news is in a capsule. The bad news is in your gut. As an inflammatory skin disorder, Eczema appears by forming blisters of crust like chunks or patch-like scaly rashes that itch. Thickened and dry or red skin, scaling, and blisters are among the common symptoms. The itching can be fiery. There is no cure yet, but luckily, symptoms come and go. Probiotics can help reduce the symptoms and even prevent the flare-ups.


Probiotics: Skin-Loving Microbes From The Inside Out


Bet you never thought that by helping your gut, you could clear your skin? Well, you’re not the only one. Research has proven that probiotics can change your skin’s quality and health. A New York-based dermatologist and researcher Dr. Whitney Bowe states: “ After they’d finish the antibiotics, my patients would come back and say they were still taking the probiotics, because they were really helping their skin clear up.” What you eat considerably impacts on the microbial colonies feasting in your gut flora. And a processed food, and low-fiber diet, stress, and anxiety, can weaken the gut-flora balance your body needs. This does have an impact on your skin.


NOVA Probiotics: Skinovation Without The Gut Wrenching.


Dr. Bowe continues: “ By taking oral probiotic supplements or by eating probiotics in your diet, you can theoretically restore a healthy environment in your gut and keep the skin from getting inflamed.”

A 1961 case report stating that 80 percent of 300 acne patients who had been given a probiotic showed clinical improvement launched the idea of a skin-gut two-way street. In very little time, the discovery fired up the medical community and people started itching for more knowledge. “Look for products with these study supported probiotics: Streptococcus thermophiles, Streptococcus salivarius, Bifidobacterium longum, and Enterococcus faecalis.” With NOVA’s 14 stains of medicinal probiotics, your skinovation is just a few capsules away.


With the highest concentration of live cells on the market (73 billion per capsule), NOVA probiotics gives you gut-loving relief from skin disorders. Seek advice from your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to know which product is right for you.