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Why use probiotics for your horse?


Horses are grazing animals; they spend about 18 to 24 hours a day digesting their food. A horse’s stomach empties its content into the digestive tract every 20 minutes. For a horse, timing in the digestive system is very important, as his body spends much time and energy digesting and processing food. Athletic work can greatly alter the timing and use of the food digested, often disrupting your horse’s digestive cycle. He will also have a hard time digesting the extra quantity of food he needs to perform. Basically the physical effort demanded of your horse can compromise his natural digestive bacteria. Of course exercise is not the only factor that can upset your horse’s elaborate digestive system, lifestyle changes, stress, and antibiotics are all factors that can upset and compromise your horse’s healthy intestinal bacteria.

The horse’s gastrointestinal system is lined with healthy bacteria that protect and assist your horse’s immune system, helping his digestive tract absorb the nutrients from the food. To stay healthy, your horse will almost always keep a higher level of healthy bacteria versus pathogenic bacteria. This is where probiotics come in; they are beneficial bacteria most often found in yeast, protecting your horse’s digestive system from pathogens. But also they protect from potential infections and indigestion.


NOVAnimal probiotics for a healthier horse


Many studies show that feeding probiotics to your horse’s food is always beneficial. “There is good evidence that the complex microbial flora present in the gastrointestinal tract of all warm-blooded animals is effective in providing resistance to disease” explains Dr. Fuller, the probiotics expert. Adding probiotics in the form of dietary supplements into your horse’s diet can increase his appetite, use of protein, starch and fiber, and can improve his performance. But probiotics also stimulate your horse’s immune system, prevent toxin buildups, enhance the gastrointestinal barrier function and prevent pathogenic organisms from taking over your horse’s gut.

NOVAnimal probiotics are high quality products that contain 10 billion probiotics per scoop. NOVAnimal products were developed by veterinarians for the specific needs of your animals, and will resist all digestive fluids. They are composed of several different strains of bacteria, that support both the large and small intestines. NOVAnimal products have several different lines, depending on your horse’s needs. The Pet Shop line follows the different stages of life your horse goes through while the veterinary line addresses specific medical needs.

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