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Risks and side effects of antibiotics


Antibiotics are used to fight certain bacterial infections. There are two types of antibiotics used: the ones that inhibit the growth and proliferation of bacteria, and the ones that kill them. But giving your animal antibiotics to treat an infection may have several risks. Antibiotics can cause allergies, fever and diarrhea; they can damage the liver and kidneys, hence weakening your pet’s immune system.


The effects of antibiotics compared to the effects of Probiotics


Antibiotics alter the intestinal flora of your pet, where infections arise and spread, destroying bacteria or preventing them from multiplying. But antibiotics also present a risk: certain antibiotics destroy your pet’s natural and beneficial flora in addition to pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics do not act against the pathogenic bacteria in your pet’s body, but rather aid the beneficial bacteria that fight infection. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that assist your pet’s natural intestinal flora, and help fight infections. Therefore combining these two treatments is great for your pet’s health because, even if antibiotics remain necessary in case of bacterial infection, they will be more effective and will not upset your animal’s internal balance if combined with probiotics. Probiotics will remove all side effects created by antibiotics, increase their efficiency and prevent future infections.


NOVAnimal the probiotics for a healthy animal company


The NOVAnimal veterinary product line was created specifically for your pet by microbiologists and veterinarians. This line contains a specific blend of different strains of bacteria, between 3 and 7 billion probiotics per spoonful. The veterinary line is designed to fight your pet’s infections and health problems, and to strengthen his immune system. Probiotics should be taken with antibiotics, from one to two hours after, so as to not alter their effects, and should be continued two weeks after the antibiotic treatment, to restore the natural balance of your pet’s body.

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