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Causes of tourista


You must have already noticed that your immune system and digestive system can be rather fragile, especially when it comes to traveling. Traveling weakens your immune system, and usually brings on uncomfortable symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pains, vomiting, nausea, cramps, or discomfort. These symptoms are caused by tourista, a gastrointestinal infection caused by eating foods or drinking water with different hygienic levels than what we are used to.

Trying new foods upsets your digestive tract because these foods introduce foreign bacteria into your body and sometimes even foreign pathogens. Your intestines come in contact with pathogens constantly, this is why they are the main home to most of your immune system. Your intestinal immune system, or microflora, is made of beneficial bacteria called probiotics. The probiotics line the walls of the intestines and keep pathogens from invading the rest of the body. When faced with unfamiliar bacteria or pathogens, your body often reacts more slowly and your immune system will have a delayed reaction. What’s more, your immune system will not know how to fight these pathogens as it is not familiar with their weaknesses. This is why your intestines like traveling a whole lot less than you do.
Places where you are most likely to contract tourista are: Mexico, Cuba, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


Probiotic supplements to help your journey go smoothly


A great way to help your body work against foreign bacteria and pathogens is to bring probiotic supplements with you during your journey. Probiotic supplements are capsules that deliver beneficial bacteria right to your intestines where they will join your natural flora and help prevent infections such as tourista.

NOVA probiotics supply you with high quality probiotics that contain many different strains of bacteria to fight a wider range of infections. NOVA capsules are surrounded by an enteric coating that will deliver the probiotics alive to your intestines. NOVA has many different formulas, but two are the most efficient for combatting tourista. The first is our 14 strain ultra-strength & travel formula. This formula contains 73 billion probiotics per capsule and should be taken daily to stay healthy abroad. The second is our extra-strength vegan formula, this formula has 4 strains of dairy free probiotics and 73 billion probiotics per capsule. These products do not need to be refrigerated and can be taken on the go. NOVA is here to help you travel safely and come home healthy.