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About Veganism, a world of compassion and sustainability:


The Plant-based diet:

The number of individuals on a plant-based diet is consistently growing; it is a solution to many problems brought up by the modern processed food diet, such as obesity and malnutrition. It can be seen as an answer to the over-consumption of calorie-rich and nutrient-poor foods which is known to deplete people, over-stimulate, create chronic stress and leave people vulnerable to illness. The plant-based diet is about consuming nutrient-dense whole-foods, a natural way to decrease calorie intakes and build leaner, stronger and more alkaline bodies.

Our vision, our contribution:

Without going too deep into the subject of food sensitivities and health risks related to our modern way of living, or into the subject of compassion, non-violence and environmental matters, let’s just say, at NOVA, we understand that people choosing the Vegan lifestyle, are aiming for vibrant, responsible and positive lives. And, because we also believe that without our health and planet, we are nothing going nowhere; we totally endorse the Vegan way of life. Since our inception, we’ve tried to model our business to represent these values and improve our product to promote health and sustainability, which is why we decided to create our vegan line.

Revolutionary dairy-free probiotics:

NOVA Probiotics has a complete line of probiotic supplements for Vegans. In fact, we are the only ones to offer such unique products and such high-potency options; the products contain multi-strain gut-friendly probiotics only from vegan sources, and contain between 6 and 73 billion live bacteria per capsule. Our dairy-free patented formulas are exclusive to NOVA Probiotics and Health Canada approved to support normal intestinal ecology. As people adopting plant-based diets are dairy intolerant, and often looking for nutrient-dense food, we are offering live microorganisms to ease digestion, improve vitamin and mineral absorption, and build strong immune defenses. Looking for better health? Better start with good belly bacteria!

One of the best supplements for Vegans is definitely probiotics. When thriving on a plant-based diet, individuals are always looking for natural sources of energy and protection.  However, to get the most of what is consumed, the gut’s ecosystem should be well-balanced, with mostly beneficial microorganisms. Ideally, one should take a probiotic supplement to ensure the proliferation of good bacteria, which would simultaneously boost the immune system.  NOVA Probiotics is the only one to offer multi-strain dairy-free probiotic supplements from vegan sources. We embrace a better world through wiser choices for better health, and you?