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What are urinary tract infections?


Whatever your age may be, if you feel the urge to urinate often or have painful urination, you might be hosting a bladder infection. Other symptoms include fever and flank pain. More commonly found in women than men, UTI recurrences are not rare. Various triggers include female anatomy, family history and sexual intercourse. Although diagnosis in healthy women can be symptom based alone, when the bacteria are present without infection, the diagnosis can be difficult. Lower urinary tract infection (simple cystitis-bladder infection) and upper urinary tract infection (kidney infection-pyelonephritis) have as main causal agent the anaerobic bacterium Escherichia coli (E-coli). Antibiotics have been the common treatment against UTIs, but bacterial resistance is increasing and many people are opting for alternate solutions.


Probiotics or Antibiotics?


UPEC (uropathogenic E.coli), the virulent strain of E-coli, is one of the main sources of urinary tract infections since it is part of the gut flora. Many strains of E-coli are harmless, but food poisoning has been observed in their hosts because of food contamination. Since menopausal women are more likely to suffer from recurrent infections associated with low oestrogen levels, it is vital that treatment be effective on a long-term basis. With the rise of antimicrobial bacteria capable of resisting to many antibiotics, the war is the same, but the weapons have changed. Antibiotics still remain effective against serious infections, but viruses remain powerful. This is where safer probiotics move to the battlefront.


NOVA probiotics: Urethra Eureka!


Using a probiotic supplement containing the Lactobacillus acidophilus strain each day will be a great benefit to your gastrointestinal health and give the required help to your immune system so it can fight off any virus or infection. The scientific evidence that supports the use of probiotics in the treatment of urological diseases needs no rebuttal, but evidence concluding that the efficacy of probiotics against all UTIs is undeniable has yet to be proven even though their use continues to foster attention and research. Published in April 2011, in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, a study revealed promising results concerning the use of probiotics by intra-vaginal suppository, showing a considerable improvement in women with recurrent UTIs. Since a major challenge of research now lays in finding why one strain of probiotics is more effective than another, it is better to use the most complete set of stains.

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