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Why fermented dairies are no good probiotics?


Many foods out there are advertised as a good source of probiotics, products like yogurt, kimchee or tempeh. But let’s examine for a moment just how reliable such statements are.

Several yogurt brands have advertised that their products have been supplemented with probiotics. This isn’t a lie, but what you don’t know is that you can find millions of probiotics in yogurts at most. Millions sound good right? Wrong, your gut contains hundreds of billions of probiotics, and a small million will definitely not make a difference in your stomach. NOVA probiotic supplements have billions of probiotics per capsule, and these probiotics are bile resistant so they will stay in your intestines for a lasting effect.

What’s more all these foods contain one or two different strains of bacteria at most, NOVA probiotic supplements contain 14 different strains. The more strains the better, as they can cover more functions and intestinal tract. Also more strains means probiotics will be more efficient in fighting a wider variety of bacteria.

NOVA probiotics were tested in independent labs and made especially to improve your health and provide your body with the healthy bacteria it needs. NOVA probiotics guarantee the quality of our products as well as the amount of probiotics per capsule. Many products that advertise a higher probiotic count can neither give you the exact amount nor the specific strains of bacteria. In addition to this NOVA is the first and only product of its kind to make vegan nondairy supplements as well as regular supplements. These vegan supplements are great for people that are lactose intolerant but that want to get their probiotic fix without having to eat several hundred yogurts!

NOVA probiotics have another great advantage: they can be taken on the go! They do not need to be refrigerated (although it never hurts to keep them cool) and you can easily take them with you while traveling.

Or course yogurts and tempeh and kimchee and many others are good for your diet and health, but you would have to eat it in spades to get the probiotics your body needs!
Ask the advice of your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to know which NOVA product is right for you.