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The two parts of your immune system
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Your immune system works two ways, and probiotic supplements help both ways and strengthen their actions:

  • The cell-mediated immunity: This is a way in which your immune system responds to pathogens by activating specific types of immune cells rather than antibodies. T lymphocytes (or T cells) are white blood cells that attack and destroy foreign invaders in the body. Your immune system also call on the help of natural killer cells and macrophages that destroy viruses and tumors and digest the cellular debris of these pathogens, And finally your immune system will stimulate the secretion of cytokines, a protein that enhances the immune response and activates macrophages and natural killer cells.
  • The humoral immunity: This response is direct by antibodies, special proteins the body produces to fight antigens (which include bacteria, viruses, pollen or toxins). Antibodies bind themselves to antigens, which is the signal your body needs to destroy them.

NOVA probiotics enhance both these responses thanks to the many strains of bacteria contained in the supplements and the many different function probiotics have in your body! Probiotics will strengthen your different immune response and help your body fight pathogens efficiently!