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Why take probiotic supplements during your pregnancy?

Probiotics regulate the gut flora, responsible for a healthy immune system and overall bodily health. New research encourages pregnant women to take probiotics for the simple fact that a child needs optimal health during his womb vacation. Allergies and asthma are caused by hypersensitive immune responses. Probiotics are praised in the medical community because of their positive effect on those conditions.


NOVA probiotics for a healthy mom and baby

Over 400 species of bacteria, and over 100 trillion microorganisms live in our gut. Yeah, gets pretty crowded in there. The bad news is, they’re not all friends. You want peace in your gut. Probiotics are the Peace Treaty. Studies show probiotic supplements healing and sealing the lining and ceiling of the intestinal tract, making it difficult for pathogens to enter the blood stream through them. Good news comes in small packages.

A mother plays a critical role on her child’s health, and regulating gut flora responsible for a good immune system, is an essential step either way. With the highest concentration of live cells on the market (73 billion per capsule), NOVA probiotics wants your kid to have the gut he needs to have the guts he needs.