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Have you ever heard of fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition with no known cure or cause. Recurrent identifiable symptoms include overall muscle pain, tendons, ligaments, and tender points, often multiple. Other common symptoms will be: sleep disorders, headaches, depression, IBS (intestinal bowel syndrome), arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder, lupus and chronic fatigue. In general, middle age women are mostly afflicted by the condition, and is seems to occur after emotional or physical trauma. Nevertheless, we have yet to unveil the triggering event.


Treating fibromyalgia:

Many treatments have been tried in the hopes of reducing pain for fibromyalgia sufferers. Diet, exercise and counselling all impact one’s psychological and physical self so as to better one’s condition. Some patients are told by their doctors to eliminate the intake of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, fried and processed foods and are prescribed mineral supplementation treatments. Playing an essential part in the immune system’s efficacy, probiotics balance the intestinal tract by aiding the digestion system give the body the important vitamins and minerals it requires. It is therefore logical that these probiotics help reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia. A great way to fight fibromyalgia and many other conditions is through probiotic supplements.

NOVA products have been created to eliminate the symptoms of certain diseases, such as fibromyalgia, and to restore your good health. NOVA is here to help you get through your health problems and live happily.