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Welcome to the world of Probiotics:

Your immune system is the guardian of your health and wellbeing, but what many people do not know is that it is made entirely of probiotics: the body’s bacterial soldiers. So what are probiotics? How do they end up in our body and how do they defend our health from pathogenic invasions? Are yogurts still a great source of probiotics? Here at NOVA we can provide you with a crash course on probiotics and their benefits, as tell you about some of our new high quality products.

What are these friendly bacteria?

Our immune system is made of hundreds of billions of microorganisms ready to attack pathogens and protect your body from bacterial harm. The immune system is actually made of many different types of beneficial bacteria that form the intestinal flora. Your flora develops throughout your life, it is influenced your lifestyle, diet and external conditions. During periods of cold, stress or fatigue, your flora can be more fragile, less combative and this leaves your body vulnerable to potential infections.

Your immune system is located in your gut:

Your immune system lines the walls of your intestines, they collect nutrients from your food and sort our good the good bacteria that enter your body from the bad. 70% of your immune system lives in the digestive system, and both work together to keep your body healthy. This is why probiotics are so important, they keep your intestines balanced and your immune system going strong. When administered in adequate amounts probiotics confer many health benefits.

Probiotics and digestion:

Probiotics also have an important role in the digestion of the nutrients found in your food. Probiotics produce enzymes that facilitate the breaking down and absorption of nutrients and make foods easier to digest. Keeping your flora healthy will strengthen your immune system and improve the efficiency of your digestion process.

What’s so great about probiotic supplements?

Usually probiotics found in natural resources such as fermented dairy products do not contain enough probiotics or different kinds of strands for your body.  In addition our modern lifestyle means we ingest a lot of damaging products to our intestines. Today, more than ever, it is important to take care of your immune system and preserve your health. A great way to do that is to add probiotics to your diet in the form of supplements. NOVA probiotic capsules range between 4 and 73 billion probiotics with 14 different strains of bacteria, to be taken daily.

Take action today and improve your wellbeing, your children’s wellbeing and even your pets’ wellbeing, with NOVA probiotics!