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Getting to know a little more about your intestines

The intestines are such an important organ, and yet they are often neglected. For example did you know that you intestines are as long as two tennis courts? Did you also know that they are filled with billions of different types of bacteria? Your intestines don’t just digest your food, they also house 70% of your immune system. These bacteria are good for your body, they are the kind that destroy pathogens and make sure they are not able to spread to the rest of the body. But these bacteria also play an important part in your digestion. Beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, help your body absorb the nutrients in your food. In short your diet affects your immune system, and if your immune system is weaker than usual, your digestion process will not go as smoothly.

Your intestines and probiotics: how the two interact

So as mentioned above, probiotics play a key part in the immune system and digestive process. There are three major players in your immune system, first you have the microflora that enables digestion, sorts the good bacteria out from the bad in your gut and assists your immune system. Then you have the intestinal mucosa, which lines the walls of the digestive tract and supervises all exchanges between your intestines and the rest of your body. And finally you have the gut immune system, which ensures that your body is protected against pathogenic invasions. This fragile ecosystem must be balanced and healthy in order to work best. This is where probiotic supplements come in. Adding healthy bacteria to the gut insures your natural defenses work more efficiently. Your digestive system works best with a little help and extra healthy bacteria is always welcome in your intestines! Your digestive process is more efficient and less energy draining with more beneficial bacteria working to help absorb nutrients and break down certain foods.

Your bacteria count if affected by our diet, lifestyle, and external factors, and we all know how easy it is today to eat something that clearly upsets your stomach. Probiotics make your digestive system stronger, and will help you avoid painful digestions and stomach aches.

Improving digestion with NOVA probiotics.

Probiotics merely enhance and strengthen your natural process, they help out both your immune system and digestive tract and improve your overall health and wellbeing. NOVA probiotics are high quality supplements that contain between 4 and 73 billion probiotics per capsule depending on your needs. NOVA probiotics have a vegan nondairy line in addition to the regular 14 strain line. NOVA probiotics are made with 14 strains of different bacteria types to cover all your health needs. Ask the advice of your therapeutic practitioner or contact us to know which NOVA product is right for you.