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What Are Probiotics?
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Probiotics are helpful bacteria; they’re your allies:


There’s a war going on in your gut: Beneficial Bacteria vs. Harmful Bacteria

Did you know certain types of bacteria are actually good for you? We are used to associating the term “bacteria” with sickness, yet inside us, billions of bacteria are working hard to keep us healthy. In fact, our body contains 10 times more bacteria than it does cells so it’s a good thing that some bacteria are human-friendly. These good bacteria are your body’s natural defense system; they fight harmful microorganisms that try to invade your body.

The healthy bacteria community living in you intestines, known as the gut flora, protects you from a pathogenic invasion. This, in other words, means that your overall health depends mostly on these microscopic allies. So, yes, you should care about them.


The man behind the concept of probiotics:

Elie Metchnikoff, winner of the 1908 Nobel Prize of Medicine, was the first to bring the idea of colonizing the intestinal flora with good bacteria found in fermented dairies, and naturally occurring in the human body-now known as probiotics. His research on the immune system shows that probiotic bacteria can fight harmful bacteria and induce health benefits on their host.


Probiotic supplements, an inNOVAtion:

Our lifestyle has changed, and we expose our gut flora to a lot more damage than we used to. Nowadays, keeping the beneficial bacteria alive and multiplying isn’t something you can achieve by simply eating yogurt on a daily basis that contains only a few millions of weak probiotic bacteria from a single probiotic strain. Think about it, out of trillions of healthy bacteria, eating a few million won’t make a difference, but eating billions definitely would. And NOVA Probiotics has found a way to offer you just that, billions of probiotics from numerous medicinal strains, with a small dose of prebiotics, in enteric coated capsules that don’t require refrigeration. That’s a pretty impressive innovation, no?


Don’t forget!

When thinking about your health you should always look out for the friendly bacteria in your gut. To ensure you stay pathogen-free, you should always look for supplements with several probiotic strains and a high potency. NOVA Probiotics offers a wide range of effective products, even dairy free Vegan products, with many different bacteria strains that will work with your body to make it stronger! NOVA products work symbiotically with your immune system to improve your wellbeing!