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Why Take Probiotics?
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Probiotics are beneficial bacteria essential to good intestinal health. The gut is where 70% of the immune system resides, and where important steps of digestion take place. Caring for your overall health means being aware of your intestinal ecosystem.


Take probiotics for your gut flora:

The gut flora, or microbiota, is made up of a trillion microorganisms, from up to 1000 different species. When the microbiota is balanced (composed of at least 85% beneficial bacteria), it contributes to your health and wellbeing:

  • it helps digestion;
  • it helps build certain vitamins (B vitamins, vitamin K);
  • it contributes to the maintenance and integrity of the intestinal mucosa which assimilate nutrients and micronutrients;
  • It plays an essential role in the body’s defenses.

Probiotic intakes support healthy intestinal microbiota. Many every-day factors lessen the count of its beneficial microorganisms. Here are some examples:


Probiotics and your gut flora:

Stress in known to weaken the immune system, which gives bad bacteria an opportunity to proliferate. Antibiotics are definitively good to wipe germs out, but while they do so, they kill a lot of good bacteria too. Other familiar things like pollution, poor water quality, poor diet, and widespread chemicals, destroy the living population of friendly bacteria inside us.

Many of us are exposed to these factors, and this messes up our gut flora. While short-term imbalance can lead to digestive upsets like diarrhea, bloating and gas, over time it contributes to serious matters such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Probiotic intakes are then required to avoid deficiencies. But don’t be fooled; only high potency products can make a difference. Learn about the advanced-technologies behind our products.


Probiotics and your digestion:

Beneficial bacteria help you digest your food and assimilate its nutrients. Because they produce enzymes like lactase, food (dairy products) is comfortably digested, and nutrients such as lactose can be efficiently absorbed.

Of course, by easing digestion and the absorption of nutrients, probiotics are useful to reduce the occurrence of digestive troubles such as constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, or abdominal cramps.

Actually, many digestive disorders can be addressed with a good probiotic supplement in a sufficient daily dose. For instance, people with food allergies such as lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance can benefit from our Vegan probiotic supplement line and, people with conditions like IBS or Inflammatory Bowel Disease can soothe their symptoms with our strongest probiotic supplement (73 billion of probiotics per capsule). And finally, people that are simply looking for optimal nutrient absorption, like performance athletes, can benefit from using our Vegan Sport formulation.

So a daily dose of the NOVA Probiotics formulation that meets all your needs can aid your digestive functions, regulate your bowel movements, and increase your energy.


Protiotics and your immune system:

The immune system is a complex network of cell products, interacting cells and cell-forming tissues that protect the body from pathogens and other foreign substances; it destroys infected and malignant cells, removing cellular debris. About 70% of it is found in the intestine. The gut flora plays its part through its beneficial agents: some bacteria species help to fight against bad bacteria, while others stimulate and strengthen the intestinal mucous membrane.

The probiotic species in NOVA Probiotics supplements are known to reinforce the immune barriers and therefore restrict the proliferation of the undesirable germs. No one likes to get sick and stay home feeling weak and tired. Taking probiotics for the immune system is a good way to reduce the chances of an infection. See the Daily Immunity and Vegan Immune products.


Probiotics and preventing infections:

In certain circumstances, you can find yourself exposed to a greater risk of contracting an infection. For example, when traveling where food and water are handled differently or when sharing public utilities, particularly during the winter season, you need your natural defenses to be at their best, otherwise the consequences could be serious. See Your Health section to learn about the risk of contracting Tourista  when traveling, and how to prevent colds and the flu. Our Ultra-Strength and Travel formula, available in Vegan, is made specifically for people who need extra-protection or extra-care in case of sickness.

Including probiotics in your routine is ideal to achieve optimal living. Sometimes, eating well and exercising isn’t enough to get your natural defenses at their best. You might need extra beneficial bacteria from effective probiotic supplements. NOVA Probiotics have been designed to promote healthy gut balance, aid digestive functions and boost the immune system.