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Prebiotics and Probiotics, Good Allies!
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NOVA Probiotics


Prebiotics are non-digestible soluble fibers that stimulate the growth and multiplication of the beneficial bacteria in the gut. They are mainly used to fuel the probiotics and ease bowel movements. However, prebiotics have many other good characteristics, which explains why NOVA has prebiotic included in each of its formula:


  • They work as anti-carcinogens: When probiotics and prebiotics meet, they produce Butyrate, a short chain of fatty acids that remove dead and mutated cells (cacogenic cells) from the body.
  • They work as antimicrobials: prebiotics reduce the intestinal tract’s pH level, reducing the population of disease-causing microorganisms.
  • They work as lipid-lowering agents: studies show that prebiotics lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • They work as blood sugar moderators: prebiotics can regulate and balance blood sugar levels, whether they are high or low. Studies continue to prove prebiotics affect blood sugar levels in a positive way.

Because, you should never have to choose between prebiotics and probiotics; simply get a NOVA super probiotic!