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Probiotic Yogurts: Effective or Not?
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Most yogurts that are sold in supermarkets today are pasteurized, meaning all the live bacteria originally inside were killed through this process. Yogurts that contain probiotics have these probiotics added to them after pasteurization. Make sure these yogurts always say they contain “live and active cultures”, as probiotics are not efficient when dead. Also, keep an eye on the expiration dates of these yogurts, as this is also the lifespan of the bacteria contained inside. Most yogurts do not indicate the quality of probiotics they contain or the species they contain, making it very difficult for you to assess their effectiveness.

It is true however, that yogurt can be a source of probiotics. But no one said they are the ultimate source of probiotics. Those yogurts that do display the quantity of probiotics they contain never go above several million probiotics per container. To put it simply, you would have to eat thousands of yogurts to get the benefits of a single probiotic supplement. Also, many probiotics are not bile resistant, and are killed by your digestive system before they can reach your intestines. A single capsule of NOVA Probiotics contains billions of live probiotics protected by an enteric-coated capsule. So, although yogurts are healthy, don’t count on them to replenish your gut flora with plenty friendly probiotic bacteria!